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Sustainable Marketing Transformation

Bridges Horizon accompanies organizations through the transformation journey towards true customer-centric marketing and communications. We specialize in integrating strategy, process design, marketing automation and Web technologies, with a clear focus on change management and program delivery.

Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement
Go beyond transactions with your customers to create true relationships that deliver ongoing value.
Innovative Delivery
Customer Engagement
Use the latest collaborative and creative communication techniques to really engage customers.
Operational Excellence
Customer Engagement
Balance creative flexibility with structure and control to manage the complexity inherent in today’s marketing.
Marketing Consulting Services
Strategy - Program Development - Technology Implementation - Project Management

We combine marketing experience in large, complex, multi-media environments, with cutting-edge technology expertise. Our holistic approach examines all aspects of your marketing – customer, channel and operations – with the goal of providing an integrated, solution tailored to achieving true sustainable transformation.

Our Marketing Transformation Consulting Services are focused on enabling true customer engagement, innovative delivery of personalized communications and marketing operational excellence.

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