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  • We know marketing and communications

  • We get the technology.

  • We have a proven track record.

  • We understand your reality.

Our extensive experience managing large marketing technology implementation programs allows us to plan, build and sustain technology that supports the increasing requirement for customer-centric systems, while managing information technology risks.

Customer Experience Design

Modern Web site design is shifting focus from the functional view of a company to a scenario-based paradigm that better reflects the way clients navigate and find information.

Key to effective Customer Experience Design is the ability to balance:

  • A structure that optimizes navigation preferences of clients
  • Effective and efficient development by IT project team

Combining our knowledge of Web Portal and Content Management technology with user experience design techniques, we have delivered major Web site redesign initiatives that fulfill the promise of a true customer-centric Web channel.

Knowledge and Content Management

A major component of a customer-focused strategy is the ability to keep electronic content up to date and fresh. To effectively meet this challenge, modern marketing organizations are implementing:

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Web site portal technology

Creating a toolkit that allows business users to change content at will, while ensuring the content integrity and stability, is no small task.

We use a best practice approach. The lessons learned from delivering major content managed Web sites have resulted in a Bridges Horizon Blueprint for the integration and deployment of enterprise content management and Web site portal technology.

Automated Assembly and Personalization

The challenge in creating one-to-one client interactions is the sheer volume and versions of content . Our knowledge of automated assembly and personalization technologies provide you with the power tools to create, manage and deploy communications that can automatically adapt to new information, interactions and data.

Imagine an automated toolkit that:

  • Monitors customer behaviour both online and offline
  • Automatically acts on it
  • Determines how customers are reacting to offers and call-to-actions
  • Adjusts the messages accordingly

Combining sophisticated database expertise with our knowledge of personalization and assembly technology in this new world of personalization will enable you to build truly interactive and personalized conversations with your clients.


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