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Brand Architecture

The Brand Strategy provides a vision for the brand. It steers the development of a consistent, consumer-relevant articulation of the brand and family of products across all communications and campaigns.

Like developing the blueprint for a building, the programs within our Brand Architecture solution help to outline the hierarchical elements of the brand, including:

  • Brand Identity - What you do for your clients
  • Unique selling proposition (USP) – What sets you apart
  • Key Messages – Support for your USP
  • Brand Image – Core essence of who you are
  • Design Direction – Look, feel, tone and manner of communications
Product Strategy

The Product Strategy translates the brand strategy into a customer-centric approach to product categorization, providing guidelines for naming conventions, as well as product development and innovation. The Product Strategy focuses on the way that your customers see your products, both from a functional and emotional perspective, including:

  • Naming principles (including domain naming)
  • Packaging guidelines
  • Pricing strategy
  • Distribution recommendations
  • Product innovation direction
Marketing and Communications

Locating your most critical customer objective is key to developing truly effective marketing programs. Depending on your brand’s stage within the customer relationship lifecycle, the program is engineered to address the key customer objectives, including:

First Impressions™
Create awareness and best position your brand with your potential customers through customer acquisition and welcome campaigns that will make the most of your brand’s first impression.

Increase customer interaction and engagement, including promotions and partnership marketing programs to increase usage and profitability.

Customer Bonding™
Build and maintain strong customer ties, while effectively leveraging your best brand advocates to further expand your market.


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